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Thank you for using HSBC’s eStatement and eAdvice Service. Please find the attached eStatement/ eAdvice containing information on your recent transactions with us. For security reasons, the attached eStatement/ eAdvice is password-protected. Please use your eStatement and eAdvice password* to open it. Please save and retain a copy for your future reference.

If you already have the eStatement and eAdvice password, please use such password to open the attachment. Otherwise, please use a preset password to open it. The preset password is in 10 characters which consist of the first 6 alpha numeric characters of your HKID or passport number along with 2 digits of the day and last 2 digits of your year of birth. Please change this preset password immediately via HSBC Internet Banking to protect your interest. Example:

Your ID no. = A123456(7)

Date of birth = 01 Dec 1987

Initial password = A123450187

If you have changed your password via HSBC Internet Banking after the issue of this eStatement/ eAdvice, please use your previous password to view this attachment.





Your ID no. = JP1234567(パスポート番号)

Date of birth = 01 Dec 1987(生年月日)

Initial password = JP12340187(初期設定パスワード)



インターネットバンキングを利用していれば、上記を利用しなくても eStatement はご覧いただけます。

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